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Online transactions and payments have become a part of our daily lives in those days. Segnopay is a digital payment transacting online not only through debit or credit cards but also numerous other modes like net …

Plan My Careers

Plan My Career designed to find a good job and career for everyone it is an overall tool for your problems regarding your Career. We provide the best career options that suit your standard

Time Stint

We love efficiency. There has been an evolution in the workplace over the last 3-5 years. If there is a better way to approach a challenge to work, we are all in. Remote work has simply …

Security Troops

Security Troops is our future friend. The latest and exclusive one-stop destination for all your physical security needs. Security Troops currently the biggest network of interconnected authentic security agencies across the nation. Now whether you are …

Life Ideology

Lifeideology covers all aspects of life that are interlinked and interdependent, this provides insights into self-improvement, how the mind works, mental health, happiness, intelligence, learning, habit change, memory and much more besides. At Lifeideology, we are …